In 2015, Namibia’s first-ever international Python software development conference will take place in Windhoek, hosted by the University of Namibia, for four days of talks, workshops, collaborative coding and community development.

About the event

Around 40 students from the University of Namibia will be in attendance as part of their studies, along with a further 40 other Python users from Namibia and around the world.

This conference is part of a major joint project being undertaken by the University of Namibia and Cardiff University and is the fruit of a collaboration between the two Universities and the international Python community.


  • September 2015
    • PyCon Namibia 2016 19th September 2015The Python Namibia conference in 2015 was just a start, and will be followed in January 2016 by the first-ever Namibian PyCon.
  • February 2015
    • Geraint and Jason's experience at Python Namibia Phoenix Project weblog25th February 2015Geraint Palmer and Jason Young are doctoral students in mathematics at Cardiff University and made a huge contribution to the event - this is their report.

Key people in the project

The organisation of Python Namibia 2015 is led by Daniele Procida . Cardiff University’s representation is led by Prof Judith Hall from the School of Medicine; University of Namibia’s representation is led by Dr Kauna Mufeti .