All activities at Python Namibia 2015 are governed by a code of conduct to help ensure that participants enjoy a safe and rewarding experience.

The code of conduct

All attendees are expected to show respect and courtesy to others throughout the conference and at all conference events.

The event is hosted by the University of Namibia, and attendees are expected to abide by the standards of behaviour set by the University.

All communication should be appropriate for a general audience, which will include people from many different backgrounds.

Sexual language and imagery are not welcome.

Python Namibia 2015 will not tolerate:

  • sexist, racist or other exclusionary language, imagery or behaviour
  • intimidating or threatening language or behaviour
  • insulting or unpleasant language or behaviour
  • harassment or unwanted attention of any form

If there is a problem

If you are troubled by the behaviour of another attendee at the conference, or are concerned that another attendee may be in distress, please speak immediately to any member of conference staff.

Your concern will be heard in confidence and taken seriously.

Conference staff - volunteers and organisers - will be on hand throughout the conference. Any concern, whatever it is, will be immediately passed on to a member of the conference committee.

The committee will investigate promptly and if necessary will take appropriate action.