Cardiff University Phoenix Project launch

The Phoenix Project is a partnership project between Cardiff University and the University of Namibia; Python Namibia 2015 is part of this project

The Phoenix Project is one of five major engagement projects of Cardiff University . It has been formed in support of the Welsh Government’s Wales for Africa programme and contributes to the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals.

The Wales for Africa programme has much experience of sustainable development projects in sub Saharan Africa and it is important that The Phoenix Project works hand in hand, learning from and complimenting their work where possible.

This five-year project is led by Professor Judith Hall, from the School of Medicine. It aims to collaborate with one or two sub-Saharan African universities providing opportunities for shared learning and development potentially across all university departments where there is a match of interest.

The overriding principle of the project is that any difference made is sustainable.

Python Namibia 2015 is part of the Phoenix Project. We’ll have a short introduction at the event, and will be there to explain what we’re doing and why it matters.