Introduction to Git and GitHub

A hands-on tutorial introducing two of the most powerful and widely-used collaboration tools in the world of open-source software

Jason Rudolph is a software developer at GitHub, and an experienced mentor.

In this two-hour workshop he’ll take you through the basics of version control for collaborative software development.

If you’re going to collaborate on software with others, or even manage complex projects of your own, you need to be familiar with version control software.

Git is a powerful and dependable version control system, used by millions of people and projects across the world. It’s free open-source software itself, and is one of the industry’s key tools.

GitHub is a hosting service for Git projects, and relied upon by individuals, companies and organisations of all sizes for their work.

What you’ll need for this tutorial

  • your own computer
  • commandline access and basic familiarity with it
  • admin rights for software installation and configuration
  • a modern standards-compliant web browser (not Internet Explorer)