We don’t just want your help. We want much more than that: we want your involvement. We want you to be part of this.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the Python community to become involved in a project that has the potential not just to change individuals’ lives, but to make a contribution to the future of an entire region, and we hope it will be eagerly embraced.

We’re calling on members of the international Python community to support Python Namibia 2015 and inviting them to be involved.


Participation can simply mean turning up to be there. Registration details will be published soon.

If you’re able to be more actively involved in planning or running the event, get in touch - we’d love to have you on board.

We also need people to be part of our programme - please submit your proposals !

  • speakers for talks
  • leaders and helpers for programming workshops and tutorials
  • leaders for sprints and other collaborative programming activities
  • experienced community mentors to work with local organisers of future events

Financial sponsorship

As with any Python community event, we need financial sponsorship to help cover some of the costs of the event, including travel bursaries for attendees.


We’re also inviting donations of resources including books and hardware. Particularly valuable will be donations of older laptop computers, which will be offered at a nominal price to local student attendees who would otherwise be unable to purchase their own computer.


Though this is only a four-day event, the project it represents aims much further. We’re seeking individuals and organisations able to support the Namibian community’s future development through long-term mentoring relationships.