News & events


  • September 2015
    • PyCon Namibia 2016 19th September 2015The Python Namibia conference in 2015 was just a start, and will be followed in January 2016 by the first-ever Namibian PyCon.
  • February 2015
    • Geraint and Jason's experience at Python Namibia Phoenix Project weblog25th February 2015Geraint Palmer and Jason Young are doctoral students in mathematics at Cardiff University and made a huge contribution to the event - this is their report.
    • Close 5th February 2015Python Namibia 2015 is over, but it's just the start of Python Namibia…
  • January 2015
    • Special thank-yous 31st January 2015Very special thanks are due to three key organisations involved in Python Namibia
    • Gold sponsor: Aptivate 22nd January 2015Aptivate is a UK-based non-profit technology agency; they'll be at Python Namibia and supporting the event with sponsorship.
  • November 2014