Python Namibia 2015 is over, but it's just the start of Python Namibia...

Unbelievably, Python Namibia is over. Not only did we pull it off, but the event has been a stellar success.

It has helped create a significant cohort now of Python and Django programmers in Namibia who have taken their first steps. They’re filled with enthusiasm for the technology, but even more importantly thrilled with the idea that they are now part of a global open source software community.

We’ve already thanked the many people and organisations who contributed to the event in various different ways, but now that the event is over there are two more things to say:

Firstly, we are hugely grateful to all the people who came to Namibia (and the organisations that made their attendance possible) for the event: every one of them contributed a huge amount, working tirelessly every single day. Most days, we began work by 8.00, and even after the days’ events we were working till late at night planning the following day. We couldn’t have had a better team.

Secondly, to our Namibian hosts: the welcome you gave us and the enthusiasm you put into the event have repaid our efforts many times over.

The conference may be over, but Python Namibia is really just starting. This afternoon a group of Namibians gathered to form PyNam, the Python Namibia Association.

What happens next with Python in Namibia is now up to them - but what we’ve seen this week suggests that this is the beginning of something that’s not only going to last, but is going to make a difference.