Providenz, our first sponsor

Providenz is a French Python/Django development studio - and our first sponsor!

We’re delighted to welcome Python Namibia 2015’s first sponsor, Providenz .

Laurent Paoletti of Providenz has been an active member of the European and French Python/Django communities for several years, and was one one of the organisers of this year’s DjangoCon Europe , held in France.

Many thanks go to Laurent and Providenz for this contribution.

Providenz is a French web studio, established in 2009. We build web and mobile apps with Python, Django, Angular/React and PostgreSQL … and love.

We love to work on geo-enabled web projects, news websites and to solve people problems.

A few years ago, I was thrilled to meet smart and kind people at open-source events. The Python and Django communities changed my life forever. Now I try to give back as much as I can by organising local, national and international events or sponsoring open-source projects.

Python Namibia 2015 is a fantastic initiative and I wanted to be part of it.”