Special thank-yous

Very special thanks are due to three key organisations involved in Python Namibia

We are hugely grateful to all our sponsors and supporters small and large, for their contribution to Python Namibia - every one of them is helping make the event better and contributing to the future of Python and open-source software in Namibia.

There are however three organisations without which the event simply would not be taking place at all.

The first is Cardiff University in Wales, through its Phoenix Project, and particularly Professor Judith Hall of the School of Medicine. Judith immediately recognised the value of a project to promote open-source software in Africa, and generously put the experience resources of the Phoenix Project - including the invaluable help pf her colleagues including Nicola Pulman and Jennifer Lloyd - behind our efforts.

The second is the University of Namibia in Windhoek, our hosts and partners for the conference, and especially Dr Kauna Mufeti and her colleagues. They have committed a lot of effort to the project, and have gamely kept up with our numerous long-distance requests. Above all, they are ensuring that our event will include a significant number of young Namibian students, who will benefit from it and take Python in Namibia forward.

Finally, there is Divio AG in Z├╝rich. Divio has no particular stake in the project, other than the pure pleasure of being part of a new venture in Python. It’s supporting an open-source community project just because it can, with a contribution of staff time to the project - that is, most of its organisation and planning, and the running of the event itself. Divio’s gift represents the very best of the spirit of open-source software, and is the clearest possible message that open-source communities in Africa will have friends around the world.

Thank you all.