A thank you to Divio

Divio, stalwarts of the Python/Django community, are supporting the conference with a generous donation of staff time.

Divio are well-known to Python users for their long-standing involvement in and dedication to the community.

Divio has placed Django software in the hands of literally thousands of users across the world, through the open-source django CMS (which this website runs on, for example) and the Aldryn cloud platform.

The company’s success is built on open-source software and it has always been willing to contribute back, by supporting open-source software projects, conferences and other events. Divio has also helped fund a number of educational initiatives, such as Django Girls workshops.

Time, no less than funding, is key to a successful community conference and we’re very pleased to announce Divio’s generous support for Python Namibia 2015, in the form of staff time donated to the organisation and running of the event.

We are very pleased to support new open-source communities,” says Divio’s CEO Christian Bertschy, “We’re proud to have a diverse team at Divio, and I hope that this event brings us a step closer to a day when African developers are much more visible in our industry and working alongside us.”