Monday 2nd

Open Day of talks & workshops

Events on the Open Day will be free and aimed not only at conference attendees, but also at a wider audience.

  • 08.00 Registration
  • 08.30 Dr. Kenneth Matengu, Director of International Relations, UNAM: Welcome
  • 08.40 Professor Lazarus Hangula, Vice Chancellor, UNAM: Opening address
  • 08.50 Daniele Procida: Introduction
  • 09.00 Daniele Procida: Python & what to do with it
  • 10.15 Software installation party
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Workshops
  • 16.30 Lightning talks

Tuesday 3rd


Mostly technical talks on a variety of subjects, with an emphasis on topics particularly relevant to Africa. Expect talks on:

  • 08.00 Coffee
  • 08.45 Vincent Knight: Walking on pavements
  • 9.30 Break
  • 10.00 Tuyoleni Hamata: The Art of Shuhari in Mastering Software Development
  • 10.45 Tom Daley: Low bandwidth web design
  • 11.30 Jason Young: Queue simulation in Python
  • 12.15 Lightning talks
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Geraint Palmer: Q-learning algorithms in Python
  • 14.45 Alan McNeil Jackson: How to be useful: participation, programming and you
  • 15.30 Break
  • 16.00 Loek van Gent: Introduction to automated testing
  • 16.45 Lightning talks

Wednesday 4th

Hands-on programming workshops & tutorials

Structured sessions for learning technical skills at a range of levels of expertise.


Computer laboratory

  • Web development in Python and Django with Tom Daley

PK 1 Lecture Hall

  • Simulating queues with Jason Young
  • Unsupervised machine learning with Geraint Palmer


Computer laboratory

  • Distributed Messaging with Barry Scheepers
  • Introduction to automated testing with Loek van Gent

PK1 Lecture hall

Thursday 5th


Lunch and breaks will be at the usual times

  • Let’s build an application!
  • Where do we go next?
  • 16.00 Presentations
  • 16.30 Closing addresses
  • 17.00 End

Meals and other activities

Refreshments and lunch will be provided each day, and we also have planned some evening functions and social activities - and a safari on the Friday after the conference!