Python Namibia 2015 aims to lay the groundwork for future open-source software development and community activity in Namibia. This will include a PyCon in Windhoek in 2016, organised by the Namibian Python community.

Free open-source software is a key to the well-being and prosperity of developing nations and their people. It represents an opportunity for them to become producers, not just consumers, of the software that increasingly defines our world, and to become authors and owners of the technology they need.

The international Python community is a broad and mutually supportive movement. Being part of it will empower Namibian software developers, and the companies and organisations they work with, to take the reins of this technology.

Python Namibia 2015 is intended to help programmers in Namibia become visible and active members of this community, and to benefit themselves and their society through their participation in it.

It’s also important to the community itself; diversity is an explicitly stated value of the Python project , and Python Namibia 2015 will help it take another step in that direction.