Sponsorship levels

Bronze (US$250)

  • a thank-you in the programme booklet
  • your exhibition materials at the venue
  • your logo, and a link on our website
  • mentions in press releases conference news items, email & Twitter messages to the community

Silver (US$500)

Similar to Bronze, but with:

  • a stand at the venue
  • a quarter-page advertisement in the programme
  • your message, your logo, and a link on our website
  • a ticket to the conference
  • more prominent mentions

Gold (US$1000)

Similar to Silver, but with:

  • a half-page advertisement in the conference programme
  • two tickets to the conference
  • even more prominent mentions

Platinum (US$2000)

Similar to Gold, but with:

  • a full-page advertisement in the conference programme
  • three tickets to the conference
  • very prominent mentions

These are suggested sponsorship levels - please contact us to discuss your requirements if another arrangement would suit you better.

All sponsors are invited to contribute promotional items or gifts for attendees - books, pens, notebooks, discount vouchers for software or services, stickers etc.

If your sponsorship package includes tickets to the conference, please use them! We want you to be a genuine part of the event. The more you can directly interact with the attendees, the more your organisation will get from it. If you can’t use a ticket, we suggest making it available for someone on a low budget to enjoy a sponsored place at the event.

Why we need sponsors

Python Namibia 2015 is an ambitious event. The event’s institutional backing from the Universities of Namibia and Cardiff gives us an excellent starting-point for our project, but - like any other community conference - we need financial sponsorship.

We need sponsors to help cover costs including:

  • basic running expenses
  • catering and refreshments
  • educational materials for the tutorials
  • financial assistance for travel and accommodation for speakers and workshop leaders on lower budgets
  • video recording of talks

If you’d like to be involved in Python Namibia 2015 as a sponsor, please get in touch .

Why sponsor Python Namibia 2015

We anticipate 40 University of Namibia students and a further 40 other attendees at the event.

If your organisation uses Python, then sponsoring a community event is an effective and meaningful way of contributing to the software you rely on. In the case of Python Namibia 2015, your contribution represents an investment in Python’s growth and future.

Python Namibia 2015 will be attended by Python developers from across Namibia, Africa and the rest of the world, as well as academics and students.

Events of this kind are the most important dates in the community’s calendar, and are valued very highly by attendees - who know that conferences are only possible through the generosity of the organisations that sponsor them.

Your support for the Python community will be recognised and appreciated by its members, who may also have an interest in your organisation’s work, whether as potential collaborators, employees or customers.